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Those who seek

shall find guidance and support. сяурт.com will focus on solutions for folks who are not deeply into information technology or cryptography in particular. There shall be best practices, how-to’s, tool and service recommendations suitable for general public.

Unfortunate failures

Who allowed government agencies to spy on all people indiscriminately - without court warrant or order? There have been too many cases of big corporations failing to protect you adequately. You got your accounts and private information hacked or leaked. They still made enormous profits.

How much?

Who is not on FB, Ggl, Twtr, MS, Apl and what not today? Imagine being declined a mortgage because of your online activity. This is happening today. Will you wait till you are completely under the control of corporations and state agencies to resist this slow but determined removal of our liberties? When is “too late”? How much is “too much”?

I have nothing to hide

It is a very common argument from unsuspecting and well meaning people - “I’m not doing anything wrong, I have nothing to hide. I’m a law obeying citizen. Why bother?”

Free service

Large online service providers (e-mail, social networks…) actively (ab)use your (big) data for profit. This is how you pay for their “free” service.

Simply wicked

The situation is getting grimmer by the day with surveillance projects like China’s social credit. Without resistance, this model will be implemented in “democratic” countries as well, if not by force, then as a “convenience”.

Bright Open disclosure

This website will also be used to promote and offer commercial services focused on privacy and security. Bright Open s.r.o. is behind this. May bright people be rewarded for their open solutions.

Tried and tested

We commit to only propose solutions where we have positive personal experience.

Easy to digest

We shall aim at all walks of life.


Prospective and future proof solutions.

In public interest

Though common good looks different from each angle, we shall stand behind our values.


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